Our Mission

Our mission is to optimize human performance through a multi-faceted and integrated approach to help athletes Move Better – Feel Better – Perform Better!



Return Play Programs are for athletes of all ages and abilities looking to get back to performing in there given sport or activity after an injury. 

Return to Play Programs are specific to those individuals coming from post-operative rehabilitation, dealing with pain, soft tissue injuries, joint stiffness, and muscular imbalances.

We will work with your current physician, physical therapist, and chiropractor as a team member to help further enhance the treatment you are already receiving.  

Return to Play Programs are designed to help optimize your functional capacity and get you moving and performing to the best of your abilities.

Return to Play Programs Include:

  • Comprehensive Needs Analysis and Health History Questionnaire
  • 3D Movement and Biomechanical Screening
  • Posture and Gait Evaluations
  • Soft Tissue, Joint Mobility, Joint Stability and Functional Strength Programs
  • Sport Specific Training


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All Sports Performance Programs are designed based on the functional biomechanical needs of the athlete and the sport, which in our opinion is lacking in the programs we see on the market.

We see a lot of programs that were better fitted for adults or don’t really mimic the sports skills or needs of the athletes involved. 

Most lack real world application and seem to be based more on opinion and tradition then the true needs of the athlete or their sport.

Here is what you can expect from all our Sports Performance Programs:

  • Comprehensive Sports & Athlete Needs Analysis
  • 3D Movement and Biomechanical Screening
  • Basic Movement Mechanics
  • Core Strength & Stability
  • Coordination and Body Control
  • 3D Speed, Agility & Quickness
  • Full Body Functional Strength Training
  • Power Development
  • Energy System Development
  • Injury Prevention Training
  • Rest & Recovery Programs




Speed Camps & Clinics are available for local or distant organizations and teams. Speed Camps can run in varying lengths depending on your specific needs.  Speed Clinics typical run 1-2 hours in length and cover specific multi-directional speed techniques.

Your school or organization may choose a general speed camp / clinic or sports specific speed camp / clinic.

Multi-Directional Speed camps are a great way to raise money, increase excitement for the up coming season and train athletes on current training methods for speed development.

Speed Camps & Clinics will include:

  • 3D Dynamic Warm-up System
  • Multi-Directional Speed Techniques
  • Acceleration and Deceleration Progressions
  • Cutting and Change of Direction Progressions
  • Retreating and Escaping Skills
  • Proper Jumping and Landing Mechanics
  • Injury Prevention Concepts and Training



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